The Poisonwood Bible By. Kingsolver Essay

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The theme of “The Poisonwood Bible,” starts with the cultural selfishness of the Cogeneses people toward the western power. Most of the perspective of novel turns to feminist of four Price daughters and their mother. In the novel people of the Kilanga wants to adopt a religion which will protect them from natural disaster and starvation. Nathan Price wants to change the ancient tradition values of Congo with his own beliefs of worshiping the god. This part of Africa is ruled by the Western Powers. The people of Congo are facing difficulties in democracy and this cause violence between them. US and foreign powers trying to took control over Congo but people of the Congo wants their own independence. Sometimes in the novel the theme turns to a point when the narratives of the novel feels burden of guilt. Kingsolver writes this story from many different perspectives to show the guilt and show the narrow minded people like Nathan Price. It tells us their guilt about them when one of their sister died and the guilt they face as they are related in tragedies happened in the Africa. In the novel women’s subject is shown in the forefront. The Price’s family is missionary who are showing the violence and process of the colonization. Nathan Price is shown as a hero in the story who went to the Jungles of Africa and is fully devoted to his work. He as shown as both violence and ignorant man who took his family into the jungles. Orleanna Price believes in the god and care about her
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