The Police Code Act Of 1899

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1. Executive Summary 1. Very short sentence or two that outlines your conclusion and what you did in your report. Write this last – once you know what you wrote and concluded. 2. Introduction 1. Tell you reader the general topic that your report discusses 2. State the specific section/area of the Criminal Code that will be explored 3. Frame a research question/state a hypothesis as to what you will be looking to demonstrate in your work. 4. Don’t be afraid to signpost exactly what you will end up concluding. Good reports often do. 5. You might have a background section if it is relevant to your topic In this report the Queensland Criminal Code Act of 1899 will be analyzed and evaluated in order to come to a reasonable conclusion as to whether the amendment to the act regarding killing for preservation in an abusive domestic relationship should be considered by law to be a crime less than that of murder per say. Continuing on from this, recommendations will be made as to what can be put into action in order to improve and remove any flaws from this alteration regarding domestic abuse. For the purposes of this paper, the definition of family violence provided in the Queensland Family Violence Protection Act 2012 is utilised. According to the Act, family violence is behaviour that controls or dominates a family member in any way, and causes them to feel fear for their own, or another family member’s, safety or wellbeing. It can include physical, sexual, psychological,
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