The Police Department And Justice Department Essay

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Missoula, Montana is beautiful place, which is a distinctive college city or place. Missoula is a beautiful place with a great state university in the state of Montana, beautiful surroundings in the mountains, and a fun social campus, and an excellent football team in the University of Montana Grizzles or other wise known as the “Griz”. It’s got a wild fan base like NCAA division 1 teams have. However, The police department and justice department in Missoula investigated 350 sexual assaults reported between January 2008 and May 2012. Either the university or local authorities correctly handled few of these assaults. Unfortunately, this is a normal situation in Missoula. The department of justice has reports released in December of 2014 estimates 110,000 women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are raped each year. Now that is devastating to know that in Missoula it doesn’t make clear sense why rape reoccurring on college campuses, and why rape victims are so scared to report a sexual assault.
An associate rape is a crime like no other. Unfortunately, a friend or someone they trust rapes women. Unlike burglary or embezzlement or any other felony, the victim often comes under more distrust than the alleged doer. This is especially true if the victim is sexually energetic and active. Two people can even be dating before the rape actually occurs. Law enforcement of investigators sometime ask if a female college student had been drinking before the assault and if the…

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