The Police Department Creating An Environment

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Is the US Police department creating an environment in where it is allowed to wrongly use police force? I would agree. In most cases along with many documentaries, alleged crimes like these are not always properly addressed by the Justice Department, sometimes even being shrugged off by the system. In my own simpler words I feel as if this is almost unfair. For those who might not know what this common, yet almost unrecognizable crime among officers is simply when authorities abuse of their power, causing grave problems throughout the different communities across the country to which must be immediately addressed by the system. Along with this particular social issue, it is mandatory to suggest a few ideas on how the government can further prevent predicaments like this. Such as the idea of small miniature cameras placed on the shirt/jackets of the members of the Police department. Another prevention would be that thorough investigations involving excessive research in background history about the suspect and victim in such cases must be rechecked by other individuals from higher ranking as well as not related to the crime. Finally the amount of expenses that the government has to pay every year in order to undergo investigations in these cases are around the millions to billions giving another reason to stop police brutality. As a matter of fact, this is all due to the Justice system allowing to bend its laws around, in order to protect the
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