Example Of Cop Research Paper

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What is the definition of COP? “Citizen on Patrol” Do cops really understand the definition of COP? The quote: “to protect and to serve” became the official motto of the LAPD police academy in 1963; the motto was printed on every police vehicle in Los Angeles. Fast forward to March 3, 1991, the brutal beating of Rodney King by white LAPD officers. The beating was captured on video tape in all of its horror, and the cops were still acquitted! Who are the cops protecting? Who are the cops serving? It clearly isn’t the community the police are serving or protecting. Instead, of saving lives, they are taking lives. Perhaps, you would think citizens would need protection from the car jackers, armed robbers and gang members. This scenario has happened to several acquaintances. If you drive an expensive luxury car in Los Angeles, like a Maserati, Bentley or Range Rover; nine times out of ten you will be stopped by the police and asked: is this your car? I need to see your registration, license and insurance. The cops automatically assume the car is stolen, or you acquired the vehicle thru some nefarious or illegal actions. A Black person can’t possibly afford or deserve a car like this. Unfortunately, the citizens of the communities need protection from their so called police. Who is going to protect us from the rogue, racist and scary cop? Certainly, not the cop car dash cam, video recorder or camera phone! Indeed, cops have a dangerous job; they risk their lives every day

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