The Police Officer And Ficer

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“Where are you ladies heading off too?” the police officer asked. I just sat there, frozen, staring at his long white hair and wrinkly skin. All while trying to come up with an answer and listening to Chrissy breathing so heavily. It was that scolding hot summer day that Chrissy and I decided to take my boyfriend’s car for spin. Being sixteen and just had obtained a license, what else would young ladies want to do? Someone may think at that age having a boyfriend six years older than you may be cool, but no matter how much you think you know someone people always have secrets, and from that point on I knew to always do background research before getting involved with someone. After starring at the police officer I was finally able to catch my breath. “Just to a friend’s house.” I responded. Heart beat racing, palms still sweating and my body trembling. “Well I need to see your license and registration?” the officer responded. I looked over at Chrissy, as she was digging through my purse to obtain my license. As I handed them over to the officer he looked at me and laughed “Sorry ma’am but I need your registration also.” “I’m sorry officer I’m not sure where that is located, this is my boyfriend’s vehicle.” He responded “Try your glove box.” Chrissy frantically dug through a huge pile of paper looking for something we were not even sure we would fine. “That’s it right there the orange paper.” the officer said quickly. I didn’t bother opening it to check I just handed it

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