The Police Powers of Stopping and Searching Essay

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The Police Powers of Stopping and Searching

The police can stop and search any person, vehicle, and anything in or on the vehicle for certain items. However, before they stop and search they must have reasonable grounds for suspecting that they will find:-

· Stolen goods; or

· An offensive weapon; or

· Any article made or adapted for use in certain offences, for example a burglary or theft; or

· An article with a blade or point; or

· Items which could damage or destroy property, for example spray paint cans.

The police can also search a football coach going to or from a football match if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting there is alcohol on board or that someone is
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If the police have reasonable grounds for believing that you are not, in fact, in your own home or that you are somewhere without the permission of the homeowner, they can search you. There are separate rules about when the police have powers to enter your own home – see under heading.

The police can use reasonable force when they stop and search, but must make every effort to persuade you to co-operate. They should only use force as a last resort.

Before searching, the police officer should tell you that you are being detained for the purposes of a search. The police officer should also give you their name, the name of their police station, the object of the search and their grounds or authorization for making the search. If the search is connected to terrorism the officer can give their police number instead of their name. You should also be told that you have a right to a copy of the record of the search. If it is impractical to make a record of the search there and then, the police officer will tell you that you have the right to apply for a copy, as long as you do so within 12 months.

The police should not question you with a view to getting evidence until they have cautioned you. If you have been arrested, you must not be interviewed before being taken to the police
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