The Police Service And Police Services

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Chris Pattern, former Chancellor of Oxford University, once stated “All parts of the society need to feel that the police service is their police service, and that does not happen unless all parts of society are represented in the police.” (Higgins, 2014) For those of us that have lived in the United States, the notion of having females in our police force is no longer a subject of major controversy. In other countries like Afghanistan, the incorporation of females into the police force is a new occurrence and is undergoing heavy resistance. Female officers undergo challenges daily, from mistreatment from their male counterparts, to being targeted for murder on the streets by extremists. The fact that such measures would be taken against them would leave many foreign to their customs in shock, including myself, which further perpetuated my initial research. In terms of strengths and weaknesses, withholding an entity that can otherwise be used beneficially can be considered a weakness. One of which the USA had at one point in time, but has employed more willingly and even continues to seek out. The lesser known Afghanistan will be analyzed first and then it will be compared to the more familiar United States. Afghanistan is a land locked country in South Central Asia that has a sacred law legal tradition. In 1996, an Islamic extremist group named the Taliban seized control the capital of Afghanistan. They also acquired and maintained most of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was
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