The Police Visibility and Its Effect in Crime Prevention and Control

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THE POLICE VISIBILITY AND ITS EFFECT IN CRIME PREVENTION AND CONTROL A Proposed Thesis Study Presented To MR. EDUARDO C. BALUBAL Thesis Instructor In Partial Fulfillment with the Requirements in Research 101 MABBORANG, JAYVINICK BAUSO, ANNALYN G. STO. TOMAS, MAE BULONG, REYNALDO AGGABAO, ALVIN Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction Policing is essentially about communities and for communities. That is why we must always take account on public opinion in informing policy, setting policing priorities and devising appropriate response. The promotion of community safety involves not only effective policing but also positive citizenship and public policy. As regards a…show more content…
What is the Respondents’ Perception on the following: 2.1 Police Visibility 2.2 Effectiveness of Police 2.3 Crime Profile 2.4 Traffic Management 2.5 Areas where police are needed 1. Is there a significant relationship between perceptions of the students with their profile? Hypotheses: The study is being guided by the following hypotheses: : 1. There is no significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their perceptions. 2. There is no significant difference between the profile of the respondents and their perceptions. Scope and Delimitation This study is focused on the police visibility and its effect in crime prevention and control in the Tuguegarao City Police District. Significance of the Study This study wishes to signify its importance to the following: Criminology Students- to give them an overview of their future career as law enforcers. Future Researchers- to serve as reference for their conduct of future undertakings on the same or relevant topic. These Researchers- to serve as their output in the subject Research 101. Definition of Terms Robbery- is the crime of seizing property through violence or intimidation. More precisely, at common law, robbery was
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