The Policy And Procedures For Communicating Information On Health, Safety And Security

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 Introduction
 Review of the systems
 Review the policy and procedures for communicating information on health, safety and security to staff, clients and visitors of the agency.
 Employer’s responsibilities
 Employee’s responsibilities
 References
 Conclusion
This Staff Handbook is designed to provide you with a guide to working with GLENNDEL. Inside you will find information on a wide range of subjects related to your company health and safety policy and procedures employment.
In this assignment I will be producing an information booklet for my new employees, And within this booklet I will be explaining about the potential risks and hazards that are involve in the health and social care setting, and how we can prevent or minimize these risks. And also explain about the responsibilities of the employers and employees in relation to health and safety.
And furthermore I will be giving a brief explanation about the health and safety legislation and regulations.
I have chosen to write about adult with learning disabilities living in a supported living.
Manual handling operations regulations 1992 – Glenndel will avoid hazardous manual handling operations so far as is reasonably practicable-

CONTROL OF SUBSTANCES HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH (COSHH) Control of substances hazardous to health…
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