The Policy And Procedures For Communicating Information On Health, Safety And Security

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Address- 22 Denison Road London Se77 4cc Telephone- 0222222222222 Email- Website- CONTENT  Introduction  Review of the systems  Review the policy and procedures for communicating information on health, safety and security to staff, clients and visitors of the agency.  Employer’s responsibilities  Employee’s responsibilities  References  Conclusion INTRODUCTION This Staff Handbook is designed to provide you with a guide to working with GLENNDEL. Inside you will find information on a wide range of subjects related to your company health and safety policy and procedures employment. In this assignment I will be producing an information booklet for my new employees, And within this…show more content…
Employers to control exposure to hazardous chemical to prevent sickness. • Substances used directly in work activity, paints or cleaning material. • Natural substances as dust and dirty. • Biological agents such as viruses and bacteria and those that found in body fluid. These are some of the effect when in contact with hazardous substance: • Cancer • Skin irritation • Allergic responses Employers must ensure that COSHH assessments are carried out, and all chemicals and hazardous substances are stored in line with the HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS. Some of the general precautions are apply when handling, using and transporting of hazardous chemicals: • Ware personal protective equipment (PPE). • Hand wash facility must be made available. • Clean up spillages immediately and dispose of waste using correct procedures. INFECTIOUS ILLNESS Glenndel will make every effort to ensure that staff is not put at risk from infectious illness in the course of their work. Managers will try to identify any possible risks to the clients and staff and will provide suitable (PPE) or arrange vaccinations. Disciplinary action will be taken in any cases where the behaviour of an employee wilfully put others at risk of contracting an infectious illness. DAY TO DAY PROTECTION AT WORK : Employees must try to ensure that service users, colleagues and visitors are not put at risk of infectious illness. Employees must report any infectious illness that staff or
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