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The Policy Process: Part I
LaSantae Drew
May 20, 2013

The policy process is an ongoing event according to Kronenfeld (1997). When a policy is formulated there are two major parts; agenda setting and development of legislation. After these stages then the implementation stage begins. The way issues emerge can bring public awareness to a situation, such as the need for healthcare reform in the United States and eliminating the uninsured population. There are various stages of the policy process required to address this issue which include the formulation stage, legislative stage and the implementation stage.
Policy formulation begins with problems, possible solutions and political circumstances (Kingdon, 2009). Identifying
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Truman became president after Roosevelt in 1945, and after serving two terms and attempting health reform, Congress continued rebuffing the plan. Truman was passionate about healthcare and saw the need for an insurance plan that would enable people to receive medical treatment when needed. When Eisenhower took office in 1953 health reform policy continued to swirl, and in the end the federal government rejected his plan. When Kennedy took office in 1961, he began truly to set the political agenda in healthcare reform and believed his plan would be one of the first bills. Unfortunately, Kennedy’s agenda on healthcare reform took on special status after his assassination in 1963. Johnson then took over the Presidential office in 1963 and in 1965 Medicare was enacted under his administration offering healthcare coverage to senior citizens and the disabled population. During the same time, Medicaid was also enacted, but with restrictions; still leaving many American’s without health insurance coverage. Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton followed Johnson, each with his own ideas and solutions, none of which were implemented; every proposal presented and each time rejected within the hands of Congress.
When a draft is proposed, only members of Congress can introduce proposed legislation (Johnson, 2003). House Resolution 676, (H.R. 676) United States National Health Insurance Act, was first introduced in 2003 by Congress. After failing every year since

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