The Policy Process I : Background Briefing Essay

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The Policy Process I: Background Briefing The Effects of Climate Change • Climate change has become a major challenging sustainable development issue of the twenty first century. It poses a significant and growing threat to human and public wellbeing, threatening food, water, health and national security. (Barrie & Steffen, 2015, p. 2) • Addressing the issue of climate change is more than the Artic ice and biodiversity. It is becoming increasingly clear that action on our emissions now may shape our security in the future. (Brown & Crawford, 2009, p. 1) Human wellbeing • The effects on health caused by climate change may escalate the potential occurrence of infectious disease outbreaks. (The White House, 2015, p. 3) • The Kyoto Protocol was the first step in a comprehensive security program but without the 2 largest world emitters of greenhouse gas - China and US. It was a small and crucial step to combat the issue. • Climate change will undermine efforts to mitigate world poverty. The issue impedes development in many developing nations. • The worst effects of climate change are forecasted to be experienced in low- and middle income countries. Climate change is becoming an increasingly important barrier to accomplishing core health advancement related to social justice. • A warmer temperature is likely to create more favorable conditions for food-borne illness. Food Security • Climate change threatens the security of food supplies in the context of ongoing rapid

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