The Policy Process Of New Zealand Essay

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The Policy Process Task II: Briefing Paper Summary: There is an imminent threat posed by the climate change issue that New Zealand faces. Human wellbeing, food and water security, health issues and national security are some of the threats that New Zealand will have to resolve. One of the first global effort in response to combating the issue of climate change is the Kyoto Protocol. However, the agreement did not include the two largest world emitters of greenhouse gas - China and the USA. The issue impedes development in many small south pacific island nations. Agriculture is one of the major export for many developing island nations. The rise in sea level due to climate change directly affects the agricultural production. The ASEAN summit has identified food security to be of great concern and there is a need to address the issue. The issue affects most south pacific island countries. Climate change affects them in many ways and one of the major issues is the rise in sea levels. High tides lead to flooded roads affecting transportation and other infrastructure. Heat stress and saltwater incursions are some of the effects that is quite problematic for the industry. Furthermore, the rapid population growth and increasing food consumption per person is also a critical issue. Drought or the lack of availability of fresh water is also a concern. People are migrating due to flooding caused by the rising sea level. A research conducted by London School of Economics have
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