The Polio Vaccine Through The Eyes Of Its Creator

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Academy of Achievement. “The Calling to Find a Cure.” Academy of Achievement. (accessed November 18, 2009)

“The Calling to Find a Cure” provided an informative interview with Jonas Salk. It told the story of the creation of the polio vaccine through the eyes of its creator. Salk also describes his childhood and the events that lead up to his medical breakthrough.

Latour, Bruno , Steve Woolgar, and Jonas Salk. "Introduction." Laboratory Life. 1986.Reprint. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1986. 11. Print.

It showed the way that Jonas Salk studied polio and how he came to the conclusion that the vaccine was correct. He also taught that it is a life taking job and that polio vaccine was a difficult task but a successful one.

Salgado, Sebastiao. The End of Polio: A Global Effort to End a Disease. Illustrated edition Ed. New York: Bulfinch, 2003. Print.

This shows pictures of the terrifying times that many went through with polio. It brings in reality by putting a visual image on the subject. After understanding these photos, it is known that polio was and is completely preventable.

Secondary Sources

“Albert B. Sabin.” American History. ABC-CLIO, 2009. Web. 14 Nov. 2009.

The article “Albert B. Sabin” expands the history of the polio vaccine and provided more information about the man who created the oral, live- virus vaccine. This is important because without Albert B. Sabin’s

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