The Polish And African Americans

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Over many generations long before our creation were our ancestors. They had many trials and long suffering to endure. Many travelled and migrated from place to place to gain freedom. Some of our ancestors were captured and became slaves. This was not only for African American, American Indians, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Middle Easterners, North West, South and East Europeans. It was for all minority groups, from religion to sex gender, women, the elderly and people with disabilities. Here is one example of the Polish Americans groups and how they were affected; and what happened or changed over time in the process of migration to America.
Polish Americans also known as Poles, came over to the United States around the 19th and 20th
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Although, many Polish came to the U.S. unwillingly many felt that work was more important than education. During, that time many spoke West Slavic and English. Mainly, all of the Polish American children ranging from ages 8 through 12 have minimum schooling. Their practice was first communion, school at a minimum of two years and then work. It was strongly felt that the U. S. education was a waste of time and could potentially become dangerous to undermine the traditional ways of life, instead of being brain washed by American life. Polish did not want to be bothered by the educational system providing children with strict morals and disciplined atmospheres; a high school diploma was the least of their worries a paycheck meant more.
(Wikipedia, 2015) During the time from 1795 to 1918 the Polish state did not exist and all of its borders were destroyed during World War I and World War II. In 1940 this caused 50% of the Polish to marry other American ethnics with no exemptions. Many immigrant families found adjusting was too difficult which then lead to crime, delinquency, divorce, desertion, prostitution, and economic dependence; leading to family disorganization. Therefore, not many Polish desired assimilation, but also wanted churches to become a blended staunch Roman Catholics which is Polish culture. This was to include a full social service available to assist immigrants in becoming acculturated as it did in their previous churches for the
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