The Polished Hoe Analysis

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There are shared assumptions that have developed overtime as a means of understanding the world, which are unique in every culture; these are commonly referred to as social constructions. In The Polished Hoe, written by Austin Clarke, these constructions become clear, in efforts to shed light on the inequalities that plague habitants of the Caribbean who inherited specific invariable traits. In the land of Bimshire, Barbados as we know it, being classified as anything other than a landowning white male, comes with a host of prejudices that deems one to a lifetime of indirect servitude. Gender is a clear barrier that decides whether someone becomes a wealthy citizen, or a submissive spouse at the mercy of her superior. Hence, the untold…show more content…
And how to bury them. Inside their hearts. Concealed in their blood. They were strong women, then. Tough women. Women who gave birth in the fields today, and returned to raise their hoe and lift their load two afternoons later; wthin fourty-eight hours. In the same fields. Yes” (37). Throughout the Caribbean, the small population of white people controlled the majority of the wealth. Like everywhere else in the world, money is directly associated with power and social class. Women being seen as men’s inferiors, rather than their partners, is a social construction that plagues areas that have been affected by colonialism. That puts black women at the bottom of the social latter, with wealthy white men at the to; consequently, black women were viewed as disposable. Aside from gender, race played a huge role in deciding someone’s social class. Although race in the Caribbean is viewed differently than in the United States, darkness still comes with the same negative realities. Being of lighter complexion comes with better economic opportunity, and envy for darker counterparts. This is perpetuated because of colonization. White men became in places of power, and natives begin to connect prosperity with Eurocentric traits. Seeing that themselves prevented women from becoming successful, the only way they could provide a virtuous life for their child was to marry someone of a

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