The, Political, And Economic Recession

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Raging wars, political disputes, and economic recession are several of the many things that has been troubling the people of the world since 1939. Ever since from then, countless lives had to be spare for the life we own today. Nonetheless, migration of these people was inevitable; they needed to look for a place to stay, to be safe, and to be able to survive for their children’s sake and for themselves. In recent 20 years back, the approach of handling these ‘aliens’ has been acceptable but in some cases unforgivable due to globalization. The technology growth and the advancement of communication options has made traveling a more pleasant thing rather than an obstacle. Some were probably believe that they would have a better chance in other places as their own does not show a promising future for them to survive. Nevertheless, although efforts were made, there are still some that does not abide to the motion; to provide help to those who are in need; they choose to become preserved -- prompting the question, why? Helping people is a nature that we human have carried for many generations; it’s a fact but, can we provide the proper necessity to actually be a help towards them? Who is to blame here? Should all the countries join forces to help the migrants and refugees, regardless of their origin? The answers are discussed over two different articles of different source. In the article, “Scandinavians Split over Syrian Influx,” Hugh Eakin asserts attention that helping
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