The Political And Humanitarian Crisis

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The recent conflict in Syria encompass a series of events that have led to a political and humanitarian crisis. Since the civilization origins, Syria have suffered invasions, changes and violence. In the 1900’s and after 400 years of Ottoman Empire domain, the Arabs army, supported by French, entered in Damascus. Emir Feisal was crown as king of Syria but he was forced to dismiss few months later by French troops. A new France’ state have been arisen, and it was divided in tree separate regions and dominated by two religious groups: the Alawis and the Druze. However, French faced nationalist’s protests and finally Syria gains independence but France still have had the economic and military control until 1946 when last French troops leave Syria. The Arab Socialist Baath party was created but a coup d’etat dissolve all the political parties. Since then, military and civilian government interleaved power.
The good relationship between the nationalist elected president, Shukri al-Quwatli, and Egypt bring the creation of the United Arab Republic where the Egyptian president leaded the new state. Nevertheless, a group of Syrian army officers disagreed with the union and took the power dissolving the new state. A Baathist cabinet named Amin al-Hafez as the new president and his power last just three years until a new coup arise and Hafez al-Assad was elected as defense minister. In 1970, al Assad overthrown president Nur al-Din al-Atasi and after a referendum al Asaad become…
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