The Political Background Of Hobby

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Well first off, I’d like to say that having never really been all that interested in politics, analyzing the life of a politician wasn’t exactly something I felt too enthusiastic to delve into. Having said all that, my intrigue in understanding the political background of Hobby picked up right from page #1 in the book. Being a first-generation American in my family with direct roots to the small fairly new nation of Bangladesh and being a New-York native myself, I’ve never really thought of how much a connection one such as Hobby must have with a state or a land to truly become immersed in its realm of politics. Dating back to the Civil War, Hobby’s ancestors both provided service to the Texan republic from Major Alfred Marmaduke Hobby of the Eighth Texas Confederate Infantry Regiment to Captain of Company D Edwin E. Hobby. The Marmaduke’s have made a great impact on Texas ever since, with Major Marmaduke rejecting Union Lt. Kittredge’s demand to inspect government buildings as well as retaliating against the Union ship USS Arthur itself through open fire and Edwin Hobby going onto becoming a district judge within the Livingston and Polk counties respectively. Bill Hobby’s very own father; Will Hobby went from being the president of the Houston Post to Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Another thing I noticed was how far a single implementation of a law or an amendment can so drastically change the political culture even if it takes a few generations to sink in. On pages
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