The Political Economy Of The Canadian Workers ' Compensation System

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The Book & Its Author:
“The Political Economy of Workplace Injury in Canada” is a printed 268 page book written by Dr. Bob Barnetson, who is an assistance professor of labor relations at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. The book was published in 2010 by AU Press in Edmonton, Alberta. The author worked for the Alberta Labor Relations Board, the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board, and for the Alberta government before beginning his tenure with Athabasca University. The purpose of the book is to critically and candidly explore the way in which the Canadian government prevents workplace injuries and handles workers compensation for workplace injury; who exactly benefits from the current system; and in what ways they benefit. The Content:
This book takes the reader on a logical and chronological journey of the Canadian workers’ compensation system, beginning with an analysis of the Canadian government’s current injury-prevention efforts, then describing the historical development of Occupational Health & Safety within Canada, further taking a deeper dive into the specifics of workers’ compensation including benefit entitlements and limiting power, and concludes with a challenge to the reader to critically examine the current state of workers’ compensation in Canada. The purpose of the book, to open the reader’s eyes to the actualities of worker’s compensation, is achieved by supporting the author’s opinion with real life examples.
Chapter 1 discusses the overall
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