The Political Environment Of The Philippines

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Political Environment To begin, the political environment of the Philippines should firstly be addressed. In the modern day Philippines, they have established a multi-party democracy which has an elected president along with its legislature. Their democracy is set up exactly the same as ours in the United States. They have the framework of where the president is both the head of state as well as the government in general. Similarly their system is composed of the three independent branches which are the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Under the leadership of the president, the executive branch makes the decisions for the government/country body as a whole; Congress- the Senate and the House of Representatives, controls the legislative branch; and the Supreme Court, held as the highest judicial body they have, is vested within the courts of the Philippines. Within their country contrary to ours, they hold elections every three years instead of our two. These elections have been held on the second Monday of May since 1992. The winners of these elections begin their time in office on the following June 30th. Although the Philippines have a democracy, not all of the regions within it have political power. Within the local government’s cities, provinces, municipalities and barangays, some regions merely exist just for the use of administrative purposes. (Doing Business In the Philippines, n.d.).

Legal/Regulatory Environment However within this democracy, there
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