The Political History Of The Usa

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The political history of the USA has seen some of the biggest struggles to make the country open-minded towards the issues of race since the Civil War. For most Americans, present day America still remains segregated. Statistics have shown that the discrimination throughout history has been used in a direct behavior against African-American people. Discrimination is the overarching theme and factor in cases of education, the judicial system, and the media portrayal of the race. This paper will examine the continued discrimination exhibited in today’s world in relation to the plot of A Lesson Before Dying and how discrimination plays a vital role in the institutional decisions that majorly affect the African American race. One of the biggest sector infested with the problem of discrimination throughout history is the judicial system. ‘Discrimination seems to flow from both the attitudinal predispositions of the judges and the process they employ to make decisions’ (Gibson). ‘The belief that a high rate of violence among blacks is inevitable and normal is partly grounded in racial stereotypes’ (Hawkins) and, ‘one of the three African American boys born in 2001, can expect to spend time in prison and nearly 40% of all prisoners today are African American’ (Mauer) is alarming. Most of the US court juries have only consisted of white men and ‘across all age categories, black males were incarcerated at higher rates than white or Hispanic males while the custody incarceration rate
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