The Political Impacts Of The Cold War

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The Cold War had a great influence on the American economy, society, and politics from 1945 to 1992. The Soviet Union and United States had different values and could not put their differences aside and eventually the tension turned into an outbreak of war. Each president of United States had a different approach to handling the Soviet Union but, ultimately each thought it was their duty to protect not only America but the rest of the world from the Soviets and communism. America and the Soviet Union being two great world powers, it turned into a global conflict. This war can be compared to the Vietnam war but, it did not last for decades or have much as an impact on America’s society.
President Roosevelt was all about world peace and had a much softer approach than the rest. He thought he can talk to the Soviets and gain their cooperation but, with his death, Harry S Truman was left with this crisis and task to create peace. Truman took a harsher approach to this situation and the Soviets definitely felt that the Truman administration was not as friendly as Roosevelt’s administration. Truman was not so knowledgeable of Roosevelt’s policies toward the Soviets so, he turned to his advisors who harshly critiqued their behavior. Soviets seemed to have an anti-Western attitude and Truman wasn’t such a fan of that. This is what damaged the relations between the Soviets and the United States. Both Democrats and Republicans tried to educate the public about Soviets threats the

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