The Political Influence of Women

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Women Exert Significant Political Influence Women have never been able to exert any significant political influence: discuss with reference to any one period of History that you have studied. Throughout history women are often seen as subservient to men. This has led to the belief that they do not have any kind of significant political influence. Based upon historical information, it is clear that these views are simply untrue. This is because women have made a noteworthy contribution at certain periods in time. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than Catherine the Great of Russia. She ruled the country from 1762 to 1796. During this time, she was able to introduce major transformations that helped to modernize the nation. A few of the most notable include: improvements in arts / culture, education, foreign affairs and banking / finance. The combination of these factors changed the country and allowed it to become a world power. (Alexander 1995) (Del Testa 2001) (Hyland 2003) (Streeter 2007) In the area of arts / culture, she encouraged many people to be creative and share their ideas (based upon Western influences). This led to a Renaissance in literature, music and sculpting and painting. At the same time, she created different museums and academies that supported these views. This would have a positive influence on Russia by leading to the exploration of liberal philosophies. Over the course of time, this brought the country closer to Europe
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