The Political Institution Of Policing And Aboriginal Peoples Essay

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The image of Canada as a nation can be represented by words like peaceful, stable, and multicultural. However, these notions do not illuminate the truth of Canadian-Aboriginal affairs. For centuries, the Canadian state has attempted to organize a political integration strategy of the First Nations within Canada through colonial legislative acts and political institutions. Thus, these acts force individuals within political institutions to promote colonial integration policies through relatively harsh and brutal means. A particular political institution that has been damaged from the colonization of legislative acts are the police institutions. Though, contemporary society has been educated and taught to believe in police institutions to promote fair and just protection, the reality of policing and the colonization of acts have created a disingenuous relationship with Canada’s Aboriginal population. Thus, Why does the relationship between the political institution of policing and Aboriginal peoples continue to decline? Furthermore, is it possible to have a mutual relationship where Aboriginal people and the police can cooperate and work with one another? Ultimately, the continued decline is a result of the colonization of legislative acts and their ambition to integrate Aboriginal peoples into Canadian society. Therefore, it is the purpose of this essay to examine and analyze the historical formation of the RCMP, the historical relationship among police and Aboriginal, the

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