The Political Issues That Dominatedu.s Politics

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The political issues that dominated U.S politics in the 1850’s was the Compromise of 1850, The Fugitive Slave Act, and popular sovereignty, dominated U.S politics. Conflicts between southern states and northern states affected U.S society because of equality, race, class, and unity between the states. In the 1850’s political issues occurred during the civil war to avoid the conflicts between slavery and the north. For instance, in the textbook, “The Americans” by Holt Dougal, states that, “To satisfy the North, the compromise provided that California be admitted to the union as a free state. To satisfy the South, the compromise proposed a new and more effective fugitive slave law (307)”. The quote demonstrates how the compromise of 1850 showed ways to keep the nation together between the north and the south for stronger, central government ideas, and states rights. In addition there were 5 parts that came with the compromise of 1850. The first being California. California as a free state from the Mexico session, which mean California would gain advantage from the senate because they outnumbered the slave state by one. Second is the slave trade. The slave trade was abolished in DC because northerners though it was revolting for human beings to be sold into slavery in DC, although slavery was still going on. Third is popular sovereignty, meaning those living in Utah and New Mexico, land gained from Mexican cession could decide the status of slavery. Fourth is, more strict
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