The Political Leaders Following The End Of World War II

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Identification and Evaluation of Sources
This investigation will answer the question, “To what extend did weak political leaders following the end of World War II result in the Communist Party assuming complete political control over Czechoslovakia?” This investigation is significant because it addresses how a political group had the power to overwhelm not only a government, but also an entire country. The shift from a social democracy to communism resulted in many changes within Czechoslovakia, some of which are still present today, despite the end of the communist regime. This investigation will also look into the effects that World War II had on the spread of communism. The scope of investigation will primarily take place from 1945 to the mid-1960s. 1945 marked the end of World War II, and following just one year later was the “Prague Spring”, which marked the total takeover by the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia. The majority of the investigation will be focused within the one year gap, as it was the most crucial time for the growth of the Communist Party within the Soviet Union. There will be some focus on the Communist Party and Czechoslovakia prior to 1945 to illustrate the Communist presence before the end of World War II. In this investigation, there will be an examination of Conversations with Gorbachev, a book written by Zdenek Mlynar and Mikhail Gorbachev. This source is relevant because it gives the perspective of two influential people in the Soviet…

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