The Political Life Of James Stephen Hogg

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The Political Life of James Stephen Hogg James Stephen Hogg, or Jim Hogg, was an ambitious Democrat who held many roles in Texas politics throughout his lifetime. He always had an interest in politics, because of his family background. His father Joseph Lewis Hogg was a representative for his district in the Eighth Texas Congress. Joseph also served as a state senator for the first Texas Legislature in 1846. James and his siblings were orphaned after the death of both parents. His first job was working for a newspaper giving him first-hand experience with the current political on goings. He eventually ran a similar newspaper focusing mainly on politics. Soon after he felt the need to be a part of politics and wanted to take on some type of…show more content…
His friends persuaded him to run for Texas attorney general. With much effort and determination, he was inaugurated into the position in 1886. There were many campaigns he heavily led against the railroad and insurance businesses. Luckily, the current governor at the time, Governor Lawrence S. Ross supported his cause and the some of the changes Hogg was seeking. He was successful in reaching some sources of change. Resulting was closure of illegal fire insurance companies and the return of certain railroad offices back to Texas. Following the return of railroad offices, he could seek help in repairing multiple deteriorating railways. The most memorable decision he made as Texas attorney general was the recovery of land. This land had been given to the railroad industry to be able to use towards new railways, but instead they used These decisions lead many Texans to gain a greater respect for James Hogg, especially those who had been affected by illegal railways and insurance scams. He held this office for two-consecutive terms, but Hogg was still not satisfied. Yes, he held a bigger role in politics than he had before and had managed to make some change but at this level he was still unable to make the policy changes that he felt were necessary. While finishing his second term as Texas attorney general he began his campaign for governor. He was a prime candidate and had made many

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