The Political Movement Of Paxton Boys

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14. Paxton Boys • The Paxton Boys were a group of Scot-Irish settlers who were upset by disputes over the western land in the colonies. In 1763, in western Pennsylvania, they ended up killing about twenty Indians in the land dispute. The Quaker government of Pennsylvania attempted to punish the people involved with the incident, but this led to them marching on Philadelphia in protest. • This group and the event/Indian massacre that they caused was very important to the colonies because it was the first conflict over western territories in the colony and, in sorts, helped lead to the Proclamation of 1763. It was also a good example of racial hatred in the colonies- even though the Quakers were very tolerant of the Indian people, this immigrant group, the Paxton boys, weren’t, and it showed through their actions. 15. Regulator Movement • The Regulator Movement was a movement that took place in the 1760’s in South Carolina. It was an attempt by the colonists, spearheaded by the Scot-Irish, in protest of the eastern domination of colonial government, to restore law to the backcountries of South Carolina and help to establish local law. Many of the people involved in this movement went on later to be revolutionaries, such as the later president Andrew Jackson. • This movement was important in helping the colonies restore local law to South Carolina and to resist the eastern rule, at least to an extent. It was also important in helping to produce revolutionaries, since, as

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