The Political Party Of The United States

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Group Report There have been several changes that have happened in the United States for the past 20 years. Firstly, the powers of presidents have been expanding at the expense of both branches, mostly in the Congress. The presidents have been using their executive orders to bypass the Congress from time to time. Follow by the interest group; the social issue such as abortion has been a big controversial topic among pro-life group and pro-choice group and the issue has been settled down by President Obama. Moreover, the media has many advantages as there are able to boost politician popularity vote, has no restriction, and one of the main sources is to generate campaign donation. The next area we are going to investigate is the political party. The population of minority in the political party and the political affiliation of difference races have shown significant changes throughout the years. Finally, the congressional change in congress is because of the changes in the population, and it has made the California the biggest gainer of seats in the House. LeeYanLung (J14015976) First of all, the executive branch had growing power at the expense of Congress in the past 20 years. It begins with President Bush showed equal neglect for the powers of each branch. President Bush had signed statements that amounted to a significant usurpation of power, and even Congress gave him everything he wanted at that time. Congress gave its retroactive approval to warrantless wiretapping
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