The Political Past, Present, and Future of Russia Essay

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The Political Past, Present, and Future of Russia Russia never associated as a democracy in anyone's mind. It had always been an authoritarian regime of different species and developed a mentality, which creates an almost unsurpassable obstacle for democratic development. Unlike Britain, which took gradual and methodical steps towards democracy, Russia always had abrupt and extreme changes that always created chaos and significantly slowed down the development of the democratic system. By the end of the 20th century…show more content…
The Mongol dominion inclined Russia towards autocracy and a threat of further invasion triggered Russia to create an autocratic regime, which from their perspective would create a better defensive environment. Russia's size and multicultural population was a big threat for disintegration, and thus required a strong centralized government. After the middle ages most of Europe began slow democratization process. For example Britain was sailing away from autocratic feudal system, developing a political system with more even distribution of authority. Russia on the other hand gave no signs of democratic idea and still had single rulers know as czars. They ruled the Muscovite state, which is how Russia was called roughly from 12th through 15th century. People were completely suppressed and no one had courage or sufficient education to object with the czarist ideas and promote and changes and reforms. While Europe experienced the Renaissance period with intellectual and spiritual movements, Russia stayed isolated lacking any incentive for economical and political progress. The beginning of the seventeenth century characterized the westernization of Russia under Peter the Great. He tried a coercive enforcement of western ideals into Russia's rather ignorant society. This created the great deal of ambivalence. Some were extremely shocked by the western life and admired
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