The Political Philosophies Of John Mill

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Many different political thinkers have greatly influenced the current political ideologies. It is more than true that political thinkers and ideologists are constantly changing and influencing the political world. But, none have quite influenced the liberal ideology like John Mill. Mill was not only one of the most influential political thinkers of all time, but also a philosopher, and used his ideas and understandings of the world, ethics, and morality in his political ideas. Mill believed that every man was a key member of society, and society was made of men, all with individual ideas and voices. But, when it came to morals or religion, those voices should not be used to influence government or freedom. Mill Advocated for complete and total freedom, as long as it didn’t hurt or cause harm to anyone or anything other than the person “doing” the act. Using ideas from worldviews like naturalism he came up with his own political ideology that forever influenced what is now known as liberalism. The History of John Mill John Stuart Mill lived alongside his father, James Mills, and his Mother, Harriet Barrow. His father, James, was a very intelligent man who considered himself a "Philosophical Radical"; a party started by James and his friend Jeremy Bentham. James was a huge influence on John 's life, and taught his son things like Latin, Greek, and History. His father severely pushed John to study and educate himself. This is why John grew up asking
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