The Political Philosophy Of Politics Essay

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From a young age, politics has been an integral part of my life. When I was growing up, my grandmother was a state senator for 12 years and introduced me to the inner workings of political decisions and public policy-making. As a democratic legislator in a largely republican state, she taught me the importance of having an open mind and how it is essential to work with others who may not share the same views. However, I do not think I completely understood what it means to compromise or be pragmatic in one’s political philosophy until I completed this course. Entering the course, I considered myself to be a staunch liberal who allowed for political compromise only in the most extreme situations. After examining the ideas learned throughout the course and realizing being concrete and unwavering in your viewpoints is not always the most productive, I now consider myself, while still believing in the majority of liberal principles, to be more of a pluralist when it comes to a political philosophy. My belief in a pluralist method of political theory is exemplified through three of the more important issues discussed in the course and the questions they raise: who should be granted citizenship, and what rights and duties accompany citizenship, how a government and political communities should be organized, and how social goods should be distributed justly. Within the discussion of these political issues brings up questions of two important philosophical issues—ontology and
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