The Political Position Of Developed Western Countries

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Advance the financial position of developed western countries. In more ways than one Thomson further proves that even before colonial rule the westernised developed countries exploited Africans, be it for their labour, draining the capital of underdeveloped states among other things. “Examining the issue of labour exploitation first, the west began to take advantage of Africans even before colonial rule was established” (Thomson, 2000: 19). To further use Thomson’s writing in order to examine the case study I will be doing about Burundi, we have to acknowledge that when Africans were captured and made into slaves, it destroyed local and political and social formation. And the fact that the people who could have contributed to the economical advancement of Africa were sent to work in Europe, means that imperial powers underdeveloped Africa by stealing their labour force. Colonialists after forcing them to partake in hard labour did not pay them the same wages enjoyed by the European labourers. Taking into consideration that the was a vast difference when comparing their standards of living, as well having African labourers being paid salaries that did not match their basic needs, this being a colonial inheritance that still persists in rural parts of Africa still in post-colonial Africa. Thomson then raises a good point when he says that perhaps if African workers had been paid more in the colonial era, maybe enough capital could have been accumulated locally to ensure that
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