The Political Race For The Whitehouse Evolves

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As the political race for the Whitehouse evolves, so do the issues influencing society. There is much to be desired of the political system. Healthcare is a struggling environment for consumers. The current system lacks the ability to provide care efficiently and is burdening to the consumer. Candidates understand that any significant issue must be solved in iterations, one must apply this principle to healthcare. A system that accomplishes one task is better than one which attempts to account for everything wrong. One area that can be addressed is appointment scheduling. Various appointment systems have been studied thoroughly to address this issue. The goal of this material is to devise a system that would adequately use this information to create a system as it would pertain to a local clinic with one working physician as well as a receptionist. Users requiring medical care, typically will find the nearest facility providing the services they require, and must contact the clinic to initiate an appointment request. Once the individual has arrived to attend the appointment, instead of promptly receiving care, the individual must fill out many forms to meet the protocol that all patients must be expected to complete. Research from the International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security Research, studied the lacking functionality of the current healthcare system, the authors studied the effectiveness of a mobile program.“The current system is

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