The Political Relevance And Global Impact Of Mahatma Gandhi Essay

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Niloufer Bhagwat’s “The Political Relevance and Global Impact of Mahatma Gandhi” conveys her stance on Gandhi’s influence on how different groups of people combated forms of oppression. Bhagwat says “wherever the political, economic, social, and ecological future of humanity and… earth is debated and discussed, Gandhiji with his simple precepts provides a guidance for all generations” (Bhagwat 33). I believe that her argument successfully convinces the reader that the principles Gandhi followed and the strategies he used, non-violent civil disobedience and non-cooperation, not Gandhi himself, left a lasting impact on the world. Earth faces many new challenges such as regions facing economic collapse, some of the most barbaric wars, and threats to the ecosystem in the 21st century despite many advancements made. Humans have become collateral damage of the market economy. Gandhi’s principles, strategies, and critiques, as seen through satyagraha, non-cooperation and civil disobedience, continue to guide humans with these problems. Mahatma Gandhi, testing many strategies for the best course of action, was a non-passive practical political leader who believed in the unity of mankind and a seeker of truth. He found his start in South Africa while facing discrimination of Indians by its racist government. Taking the initiative and urging his fellow Indians to take part in non-violent acts of civil disobedience, Gandhi developed a reputation few could rival. He depersonalized
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