The Political Scene Of Great Britain

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“Business people are like sharks, not just because we are gray and slightly oily, or because our teeth trail the innards of those we have eviscerated, but because we must move forward or die.”(Stanley Bing) PoliTEA is something new, extraordinary, unique and useful for all the United Kingdom citizens. It is a political news and information application as well. Our product is coming to replace the bunch of newspapers and substantially the political broadcasts. Our aim is to present the political scene of Great Britain in one application in a reliable and trusted way. We invest in high quality of sources in order to have a high quality product. The aim of PoliTEA is not only to increase the political awareness of the British people but also…show more content…
Hopefully, bank loan is not the only source of funding available; friends and family savings may help a business project too. Alternative finance methods are the peer to peer lending and the invoice financing, the equity finance and the government grants. However, any prospected businessman has to be really careful to choose the most appropriate funding body for its business since any source of funding you may choose has different advantages and disadvantages. It seems that when people lack any other source of financing, they ask their family or their close friends to contribute in order to develop their business plans. According to Curran and Blackburn (1993), family loans account for some 15 percent of start-up finance, amongst ethic-owned businesses in the UK, making it the largest source of funds after the bank loans (Basu et al., 2013: 333). One good reason to finance your business project in cooperation with your family or friends is the increased feeling of - liability. This will definitely help you to develop your own skills, responsibilities and a long-standing character. On the other hand, family finance can be a really dangerous option if momentous clashes suddenly appear between family members. The family bank and family relationships will eventually be damaged or destroyed (Babcock, 2013). Another popular financial method is the peer to peer lending. A type of lending which matches individual borrowers
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