The Political Sins Of John Stewart By Robert Hariman

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Cynicism as most of you know is the manipulation of the greater public to pursue one’s interests. Another definition of it is that it is the enlightenment of the majority of which in regards to the right work done, income might be acquired. The notion of personal interest varies among different people but is argued to be the core of cynicism. This paper is going to oppose accusations about cynicism on John Stewart basing its arguments on; the critical forum in defence of John Stewart by Robert Hariman and the critical conference on the political sins of John Stewart by Roderick P. Hart and E. Johanna Hartelius.
Publicity can be paradoxical such that as much as it is nice to be recognizable to almost everybody, there is also the lack of
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The gaps are derived from the Constitution itself, on the freedom of speech. Everybody reserves a right to make comments on matters of state provided they do not infringe on the rights of another. The defence argues that the prosecution fails to see the humorous techniques of the Daily show (Hariman, 274). The above statement is true as the failure of one man to recognize the joke in a statement should not be the reason to convict someone for committing political heresy. In the 21st century the year of accusation of John Stewart, people exercise the freedom of speech. As such there is the emergence of various channels through which people can air their opinions like social media forums, blogs upon which similar messages and jokes are passed. Does it mean that we are going to jail every individual that engages in constructive criticism on political matters on various communication forums?
Addressing the issue on the media of transfer of the said “political heresy” is of vital importance. This is because it helps draw the line between a democratic society with freedom of speech and an anarchy society where words are restricted to only those that please the powers that be. The defence agrees with the above statement when it argues whether we will find contentment in the prosecution 's idea of public life (Hariman, 274). In my opinion, I feel the defendant expresses a more concrete argument in defence of John Stewart laying facts wide open and appealing to the
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