The Political Spectrum Of South Africa

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With the advent spread of the English language during the colonial conquests the world had undergone a vast array of changes, and some of these changes that seems to have gone unnoticed for some part is how deeply the English language has impacted and changed a country 's identity entirely. Then the question arises whether those changes are in fact beneficial or detrimental for language acquisition and maintenance for future generations to come. This essay will focus on my country of choice, South Africa, and will discuss how three different dimensions have been impacted by the English language. I will first focus on the historical dimensions to gain a better understanding of the circumstances within South Africa in the past and in today 's context, especially how the English language had arrived and completely shaped South Africa as a whole. Furthermore, following the historical impact, this essay will go deeper into the political spectrum of South Africa, and discuss how the country shifted from the Apartheid era to its contemporary state. Lastly, I will discuss how the educational system has impacted the growing new generation to get a clearer understanding of how the country has been changed to adapt to the more globalised world that we live in now and will raise some questions about how language, being one of the key aspects that makes us human, could be wilfully applied for coercion into a chosen form of hegemony, and will thus demonstrate the importance of language in

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