The Political Sphere Of Politics Essay

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Women in leadership roles can be seen from multiple perspectives. Therefore, women in the political sphere of politics influence an increasingly controversial debate: are women qualified to take on the responsibility of large-scale leadership? This is a question that we, Canadians, ask ourselves as we are connected to multiple viewpoints through social media. It seems that society either loves or hates women as political figures. The way women in provincial politics are perceived is of incredible importance because they are in a position of influence. They can push gender norms and to empower young women. They can also be used as scapegoats and punching bags when government systems are inefficient or conflicting with majority viewpoints. These perspectives link back to confirmation bias of individuals. It is difficult to change the status quo and the mindsets of individuals. Difficult, but not impossible. In this paper, I demonstrate how female leaders in Provincial politics should be supported as they confer a right to be leaders and as such, empower women through the promotion of: gender parity, insight into women’s issues, and role-modelling. Multiple reasons exist that challenge women in political roles. It can be argued that women placed into government positions by quota jeopardize the opportunity for men to enter the field. Quotas set a minimum number of women that must be involved in politics. More women mean less available positions to be held by men (Zetterberg,
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