The Political Structure Of Sparta, Athens And Sparta

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Athens and Sparta were the largest, most renowned and powerful Greece poleis in the ancient time. They are remembered up till now for their political structure, and are the inspiration for democracy and represented by Athens, and dictatorship represented by Sparta. In spite of that, their political structure was similar to a great extent. In other words, both in the democratic city-state and the dictator one, only the free native-born males were the citizen, and they are only people, who have political rights. Thus, to participate in the public life and affect the community, one can’t be of the non-native or unfree people. Also, they can’t be women, albeit, free native- born ones. (Brand, n.d.). Furthermore, among those ‘unique kind’ of citizens, there are privileges for those, who have more wealth, namely the aristocrats. Both the Spartan and the Athenian societies were class-based societies. The Spartan society was made of Perioikoi, helots, and the Spartan women and men, who were…show more content…
For the wealth, the political rights, and thus, to hold a public office or not, high one or a minor one, depended on the bushels in Athens. 500 bushels men, aristocrats, and non-aristocrats were the richest and hence, they held the highest political offices. 300 bushels men, the horsemen, they can serve in both the Army and lesser offices than the 500 bushels men. Then came the middle class, or the 200 bushels men, who can be hoplites and serve the minor political offices. The 500, 300, and 200 bushels together formed the Thetes, and they are the top three income groups. Finally, those, who have less than 200 bushels, were not eligible to serve in any public office nor to be hoplites in the army, but they can row the ships of the navy. (Brand,
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