The Political System Of The United States

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The political system of the United States of America is based upon democratic and republican principles, giving birth to the representative democracy that is our government today. Over the many years since the founding of the nation and our first president, George Washington, politics has separated itself into factions, more commonly called parties, based on common and shared beliefs, religion, and ideals. The development of these parties has encouraged corruption to run rampant throughout the government, and this corruption has lead to a decrease in efficiency and effectiveness in the government as well. Parties have become increasingly polarized as well, drawing closer to the extremes rather than a more moderate, common ground. This increased polarization has created an almost unbreachable ideological gap within the members of congress, and any sort of collaboration has been made impossible by this new trend of loyal opposition, the opposition of one bill or piece of legislature simply because the other party drafted it. This begs the question of the genesis of such a divide, and from this inquiry it is discovered that there have been three major contributions to this party polarization: redistricting methods, also known as gerrymandering, the development of super PACs, and slanted Supreme Court decisions. This investigation will explore the ways in which and the extent that redistricting methods, super PACs, and Supreme Court decisions have
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