The Politics And Last National Security Essay

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Arms Trade, Weapons Sales, Armament Sales are just few terms used for the manufacture and sale or trade of devices to protect a country, attack another and quite possibly benefit economically, or politically on a global scale. Countries, entities, factions, make, sell, and give things of destruction to others. This is a reality. The intent of this paper is to provide information that individuals can use to determine the necessity. The economics, the politics and last the National Security are the three main discussion points.
History of Arms Trade, Weapons Trade or the trade any of items necessary to protect, feed or conquer dates back to the dawn of time. Scholars note that arms trade or weapons trade could be traced back 300,000 years (Thieme). As “humans” evolved and interacted with each other, scholars speculate that the trade of many things occurred. The trade would include stories, knowledge, which can be considered intangibles, then the tangibles, seeds for food, things to make tools, how to make a shelter, weapons for protection and survival. Basically trade included instruction and things needed for every aspect of life; to survive. Agers 2
Elements of Thought
Think about it this way. You have a clan or tribe with really good sharp rocks and a clan or tribe with really good wood staffs. You put both together you have a more lethal device, for protection and providing food. An item that was designed to help a human to survive evolved
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