The Politics Of A Foreign Country

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Depending on where we come from, we seem to always think that being part of a particular country gives us some sort of status. If we travel to a foreign country, people often judge us on the country we come from and already have an opinion, before even having learnt more about us. An African man might think a person is wealthy, because he comes from a European country, but a European could just as easily assume a Russian man is wealthier than him… There are various stereotypes and clichés, often created by the media, by putting individual nations in the spotlight, but it is mainly through history we learn about our given wealth status. We always seem to already know the answer to how wealthy a particular country is, simply by making…show more content…
The British on the other hand made becoming a civil servant reliant on passing exams, in order for the smartest people to be at the top, leaving them in charge to make decisions in the interest of the people. Once the Industrial revolution began, Britain turned into an Urban nation and within a few years many thousands of people left the countryside to move to the rapidly expanding cities to find work. But also people from various other countries in Europe travelled to Britain to work in British factories. One of the main reasons Britain was so powerful was because it was built on trade. The British Empire made over 50% of the worlds completed products and exported millions of goods every year. Britain’s navy seemed to be the key to their power, as 90% of the merchant ships in the world were British. (Robbins, 1996) Having this incredible amount of ships, the British were able to control the importing and exporting of goods. Therefore, virtually all business done in the 19th century involved Britain in some way. Britain was the worlds bank and because the stock exchange in London was the only one worldwide, governments from all kinds of nations did their business through London. During the civil war, war bonds were issued, sold by British agents for the American Government in order to get the US back on its feet. Pretty much every powerful nation in the world owed Britain money and no one did anything without
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