The Politics Of Caring Are A Set Of Rules And Assumptions

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The politics of caring are a set of rules and assumptions (and misunderstandings) made by students and teachers about what it means to be in a teacher-student relationship. These assumptions extend to the relationships between teachers and between the administration and teachers and students. The difficult part of these relationships is that the teachers do not see any other way of creating a caring relationship with their students and the students don’t want to conform or show up to a school with a systemic shortage of caring. This problem mostly arises in the study of Seguin High School with the Americanized immigrants and American-born Latino students who see this caring shortage as a problem that affects their ability and desire to…show more content…
Caring for students is central to the relationship development between student and teacher. I have seen firsthand how caring can make a difference for if students want to show up and learn. I had a science teacher in high school who was not a great teacher. I could have gotten past his bad curriculum had he not showed how much he could care for some students and not for others. Every day, this teacher would socialize with the football players, who were allowed to work in a separate part of the classroom (even though no one else was allowed there) and who seemed to get great grades with little effort. I would have appreciated being able to ask the teacher questions about our assignments, but felt like I wasn’t a welcome presence when I did, so I just stopped asking. On the other hand, I had another amazing science teacher who made each student feel cared for and like they mattered. He was honest about his life, open with the students to discussing their lives outside of the curriculum and made sure that the curriculum allowed many different types of learners to flourish. He interacted with each student and even though I never went to him with a problem, I felt like he would understand if I did. It is hard to characterize the difference between the classrooms because the caring that one

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