The Politics Of Latin America

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Latin America is a continent that is constantly struggling between governmental abuse and oppression of its citizens. In Latin America, it is very common for non –democratic systems to be enforced. During recent years, the continent has experienced a governmental shift from an absolute to a more democratic system. This era is called the democratic third wave, which brought about democratic like tendencies to Latin America. Many factors such as corruption, poverty, and inequality pushed the people to favor this new democratic system. The abuse of power is also very common, and the citizen’s unrest is highly noted. Most citizens are in favor of doing away with the old system of government, and establishing a new efficient political system.…show more content…
The analysis utilizes a comparison analysis of the three countries Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Ecuador.
There are countries such as Costa Rica who are labeled the forefront of democracy in Latin American while Bolivia and Ecuador are seen as politically struggling countries. Democracy was a new visionary force that was gaining the attention of many in Latin America due to it fair political tendencies. However, it did not consolidate everywhere in Latin America, as we see with the countries of Bolivia and Ecuador. Only a few countries have remained democratically stable, and others constantly go back and forth between the multiple government systems. With the constant uproar for democracy battling with its opposition, it has made it fairly hard to consolidate throughout Latin America.

Racial inequality plays a key role in achieving the consolidation of democracy, due to its constant dependency of a class hierarchy. Since the beginning of Latin American history, those who controlled power were considered the elitist class. The elites had the resources and financial stability to hold places of power, and ultimately controlling all around them. In the colonial period of Latin America, the Encomienda and Hacienda systems displayed the different classes and rights each one had in a new light. The encomienda was a system where the royal crown of Spain granted charters of land
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