The Politics Of Texas Citizens

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Texas citizens now is the time to ensure our state elected officials are made accountable for their actions while serving in the senate congress and house of representative. When our elected officials take office they know they are under inspection of the work they do as a public servant and this includes spouses and possible immediate adult family members. Public servants know certain aspects of their immediate adult family members are under inspection like employment, charities, and other activities for evaluation for nepotism. This is expected of you good citizens of Texas in your personal life and most definitely at your place of employment. Many places of employment have employees sign documents saying they will not do…show more content…
This in turn created the Texas Ethics Commission to impose new restrictions on lobbyists and required lawmakers to reveal their business dealings with lobbyists. It has been more than 25 years since a major rework has been done on the state’s ethic laws. The current legislature is again under scrutiny for flimsy disclosure rules, legislative conflicts of interest, lobbyist wining and dining congressional members, and extravagant lifestyles fueled by special interest groups. “Dark money” has had a corrupting influence on politics so without reforms those abuses will eventually visit Texas. It does not matter what your party affiliation is; unethical actions hurt everyone. Make your voice be heard. It is easier than ever with e-government websites. There are Texas Legislature Online, Texas Legislative Guide, The Texas Senate, and Texas House of Representatives to name a few websites to gather data from. These sites are a wealth of information on Texas legislation before the senate and the house. One of the great features is being able to receive email alerts on particular bills that matter the most to citizens. The Texas Public Information Act gives citizens the right to access government records without any questions asked. There are several watchdog websites that are nonpartisan that explain the legislative laws in layman terms. They are written to give the pros and cons of
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