The Politics Of Texas State

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The Politics of Texas
The state is made up of different sectors all in existence and intertwined each other. The constitution serves many functions in the operations of the government and the life of the people governed. The document houses the rules of the land and the conditions governing the way the various sectors of the economy react and act in a mutual status. The constitution is the key to the viable existence of the people of Texas providing the fundamental rules and laws for the inception and operations of legal laws (Brown et al., 2014). Likewise, the constitution outlines the underlying breakdown of the way the individual powers and limits to the powers in place exist.
However, although the current 7th constitutional document exists, it has been through various changes and amendments from the initial constitution of 1827 established at the time in history when the state of Texas was a section of the country of Mexico (Maxwell, Crain & Santos, 2014). Though different from the initial conglomeration with the state of Coahuila in the 1824 Mexican constitution forming the Coahuila y Texas, Texas plays a vital role in the life of the citizens with a considerable impact on the social life, political, economic conditions of the United States of America as a whole.
The most distinct feature in the United States is federalism showing the intertwined relationship among the states. Although the various states such as Massachusetts, Alaska, California, Florida and Arizona,…

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