The Politics Of The American Government

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The American government is divided into two essential concepts that control the political power, regulations, and opinions of its citizens. These concepts are Liberalism and Conservatism, and each holds different premise of political power. Liberals demand academic freedom and oppose the government control of press, arts, and ideas. Conservatives demand material freedom and oppose the government control of trade, business, and wealth. Liberals believe that men’s intelligence can reach to the furthest place of the universe, while Conservatives believe men have freedom to go anywhere on Earth but their minds should be restricted to keep their morality. From here, the difference between these two concepts is their ideologies. As people get older, they constantly make up their minds about political issues, and decide which political orientation fit their backgrounds and situations. For instance, religion and education are the influential factors that influence one’s decision to be either Liberal or Conservative. In fact, I wasn’t raised in the political environment of both Liberalism and Conservatism. But the way I see things work and how our social issues are handled by the government, I consider myself to be a Liberal.
I am a Liberal person. I believe in men’s goodness and that they can live ethically without the guidance of religion. Ever since I started volunteering to help at a non-profit health organization in Houston, I have observed into different ethnic groups, their
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