The Politics Of The United States

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In the United States, elections can be the deciding factor in ones political career. In recent times, congressional elections have not only become increasingly important, but also more expensive. The expense is often considered a result of modern times, however it results in many people being unable to run for a political position. This begs the question of who might be running for a political position if the price wasn 't so high, would it be a more common person who relates more to the people. Often incumbents, those currently in office, are able to edge out competitors because of money. The price of elections can also affect issues that are covered by politicians. While its not too hard to fill the requirements for becoming a senator or representative, most people are unable to run for election due to the financial burden. In current times this leads to politicians caring less about issues and more on their image, money, and reelection. This is because money is related to power so the more money one has, the more powerful one is, and this also relates to reelection and image. During the 2012 congressional election senators, on average, raised $10,476,451 and representative, on average, raised $1,689,580 (Costa). These numbers are the reason why congress is referred to as the " millionaires club," over half of the Senate and nearly half of the House are considered millionaires (Condon). This amount is not something and average citizen would be able to come up with, so…
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